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*Note to readers- Right now we are looking for: people to interview, people who would like to contribute articles on various themes, and people interested in creative partnerships. Please contact us for more details.


This blog is the predecessor to our homepage www.juliossol.com.

We believe that the more your life is a creative expression of your dreams, the more alive you are. When you jump the fence of automation and land in the land of passion, life looks different. We look at the world as a place where so many good stories go untold and where so many people are trying to live out their dreams. Julio’s Sol is a place where we have gathered these stories, real interviews from real people who have plenty to say about life and the experiences they have created for themselves.

What is most important in life is up to you to define. We have spent time interviewing people who have figured that out and discussed the barriers that have impeded their progress, as well as the actions that moved them forward. This blog is a platform to discuss those obstacles, a place to get inspired and find guidance and read the words of others who are pursuing their passions.

Explore this global platform that is a creative expression of the many paths people choose to pursue. We are here to build a momentum, a wave that carries you to wherever your final destination may be.

Let Julio’s Sol help you illuminate your path.


Jannick Kjaer & Jenny Pavich

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